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Confidential Submissions: How Private Are They, After All?

Thanks to the JOBS Act, qualified companies may submit Draft Registration Statements (DRSs) to the SEC via the EDGAR filing system– without revealing who they are. Emerging growth companies as well as foreign private issuers may be eligible to participate under these new rules. [More]

"Start Early on XBRL," Experts Tell Companies Mulling a Secondary Offering.

Tier 3 companies that have just begun detail tagging in XBRL either because of their size or because they recently completed an IPO will face additional XBRL challenges if they’re planning a secondary offering opportunity. Not only must they fill out a slew of paperwork to complete an S-1, but they must also furnish all required financial statements, notes, and schedules within the registration statement in detail-level tagging for XBRL. [More]

6/30 FYE Filers Have Only 9 Months Versus a Year to Prepare for DFN

Companies with fiscal year ends between June 15th and September 14th (or “6/30 Filers”) have only nine months to prepare for detail note tagging, instead of the year long period the SEC affords fiscal year end companies. The SEC has tried to have US-based companies following GAAP start their XBRL mandate efforts on a 10-Q versus a 10-K. Unfortunately they fell short when it comes to 6/30 Filers starting their detail / Year 2 tagging. [More]