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6/30 FYE Filers Have Only 9 Months Versus a Year to Prepare for DFN

Companies with fiscal year ends between June 15th and September 14th (or “6/30 Filers”) have only nine months to prepare for detail note tagging, instead of the year long period the SEC affords fiscal year end companies. The SEC has tried to have US-based companies following GAAP start their XBRL mandate efforts on a 10-Q versus a 10-K. Unfortunately they fell short when it comes to 6/30 Filers starting their detail / Year 2 tagging. [More]

XBRL Registration Statements, Part Deux

Before we address take-aways from the 23rd XBRL International Conference in Montreal, it’s worth discussing some open items around XBRL requirements for Registration Statements. Companies continue to have questions about real-life Registration Statement situations, whether they involve missing XBRL data entirely, incomplete XBRL submissions, or which taxonomy to use. [More]

Registration Statements in XBRL: Trick or Treat?

Now that essentially all SEC registrants are creating XBRL documents for their K’s and Q’s, and with business development and IFRS-based companies’ time on the way, attention has shifted to other submissions impacted by the mandate. Registration Statements and 8-K’s are the topic de jour as quite a few companies are diving into understanding whether or not XBRL is required. [More]

XBRL US Conference Recap: And the Big News is...

The recently wrapped XBRL US National Conference in Nashville attracted almost 300 attendees and contained in-depth XBRL discussions that ranged from more strategic (Corporate Actions, non-profits and comparability) to the more tactical (SEC submissions) in nature. Of course a majority of the sessions focused on the latter, with a big emphasis placed on covering important topics related to basic and advanced tagging concepts. Word of the conference in this regard: Dimensions. Be it simple dimensions for tagging multiple classes of common stock or complex examples for tagging Fair Value or adjustments on the statement of equity, dimensions played a key part in just about every presentation. [More]